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Keep a look out! New stuff is coming, and 
it won't disappoint! (Okay it will a little) 


Welcome to KFE! My name is Danielle, and I am the creator of this site. Here on KFE, you can share photos, videos, write blog entries, use the forum, share documents, play tricks on your friends, and so much more! It's basically like Facebook, but more, personal. Can you talk to Mark Zuckerberg? Hell no! But you can talk to me any time you want! My profile can be found here. Have questions? Check out the FAQ, or ask in the Forum.

KFE is always free to use and free to join. I don't ever expect you to pay money to use this site, and as long as I can afford it I don't plan on there being any annoying ads. However, if you would like, there are some pages which do allow for purchases/donations to be made. You never have to pay to add photos, or videos, are anything like that. I don't charge for anything like that. Only for donations, and products, like actual stuff you get mailed to you, and it's all non-obligatory. :)

Confused about our domain? We do have a lot of them, so click here to see a list of them. If you're unsure, just use www.kfeconnect.com, it's the main one and it works every time!

Who's Online?

Don't worry, we don't know where you live. We just know the state and a general part of the state, and that's not uncommon. Most sites know more then we do, but KFE always respects your privacy.

Social, it's KFE to us...

But we're not gready! You're not stuck here! Although you should get all you need here, if you must, we do support other platforms... take a look below.

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